chainsaw mule kick

I have a cup of coffee before I make my morning coffee.

How is this possible, you ask? Well you see, my father brews a pot at five am.

Now, Pop’s coffee is coffee-flavored water to me, because I am hardcore.

I have an espresso machine which makes a couple of cups worth at a time.

So I pack the fine-ground bean into that brilliant gadget and then go downstairs.

Downstairs is where my coffee chainsaw is set up.

I call it a coffee chainsaw because it is badass. It takes K-cups and froths milk and all.

So I fire up the coffee chainsaw with a K-cup of chai tea (with ginger, cardamom, etc.) and set it to fill a large cup.

While the chai brews, I climb back up to get the espresso, into which I pour a little milk.

Downstairs again, I add the chai to the espresso and milk.

Voila! My beverage of choice.

‘Dirty Chai’

Caffeine content roughly equivalent to a mule kick.


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