a small town USA baby buster reminisces

At the Carrot Ranch today, I find Irene Waters talking about different generations and musing about their different experiences with high school graduation.

Here are the generations she presumes might be blogging:

Greatest Generation

G I Generation: 1901 – 1924 Experienced WWII in adulthood.

Silent Generation 1925 – 1945 Experience WWII in childhood

Baby Boomers

Boom Generation/Hippie 1946 -1964 Space Exploration/ first counter culture

Generation X 

Baby Busters 1965 -1980 Experienced Vietnam War/Cold War

MTV or Boomerang Generation 1975 – 1985 Rise of Mass Media/end cold war

Generation Y

Echo Boom/Generation McGuire 1978-1990 Rise of the Information Age/ Internet/War on Terror/Rising Gas and Food Prices

Generation Z

New Silent Generation 1995- 2009 Never experience pre Internet/dot com bubble/ Digital globalisation

Generation Alpha

No sub name as yet but possibly the school or materialistic generation 2010 – These are predicted to study longer and be more concerned with material possessions.

I fall into the Baby Busters category, and I graduated in the small town of Mount Vernon, Indiana, USA.

Graduation was a pretty big deal for me, because I made a short speech.

During my senior year, one of my best friends was our exchange student from Brazil.

I wanted to speak at the ceremony in his language (Portuguese), so he took great pains to rehearse me in saying what I wanted to say, which was this:

“We would like to thank you for all that you have taught us.”

In Portuguese, this was a long, alliterative mouthful, but when the big day rolled around, I guess I did a decent job of it. At least according to my friend Rogerio Zuim, who has gone on to live in Germany I believe, working on photovoltaic cells or some such.

Other memorable moments of my graduation included a freaky friend wearing nothing under the gown, a redneck buddy showing me that he had a dip in his mouth, and me frisbee-ing my mortarboard cap (complete with honors tassle) so high and so far, when the ceremony came to the ‘huzzah’ part, that it was lost to me forevermore.

So yeah – for me, high school graduation was fun. I laughed, I cried, it was better than Cats. Ok, so I did not cry. But it was better than Cats. Except the Macavity part. That was rad.

Thanks, Irene, for taking me back.



  1. Thanks for joining in and sharing your high school graduation. Did you give what I see on movies the Valedictorian speech (have no idea if that is the right spelling). Well done doing part of it in Potuguese. Wearing nothing under the gown? Is this common. This is twice I have heard this happen. So much for Mum making sure clean underpants are worn in case of accident – my mum would have had a heart attack at this. Thanks for the memories.

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  2. Thanks for sharing the detailed breakdown of the generations. I knew I was Gen X but wasn’t aware of the Baby Buster name. Oh, Cats! That was THE Broadway hit of our high school era, wasn’t it? Great picture of your day and friends.

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