Man’s shadow falls upon planet Earth

Darkly bruising the beautiful blue-green marble,

A rapacious legacy of unsustainable overuse

Of fossil fuels; a tragedy ongoing –

deforestation, extinction of other life forms,

over-harvesting and pollution of the waters.



This piece was written to the Weekend Writing Prompt provided by Sammi Cox.

This week, Sammi gives us a word (which I have taken for my title), a photo (above), and the following suggestions regarding style:  “…write a 6 line poem where each line is no more than 6 words long…”

While this week’s prompts resulted in a rather dark offering from me, somewhere between a sad lament and an angry rant, I am certainly grateful for the inspiration and for the opportunity to share my effort and to enjoy the work of other writers.

Thanks, Sammi!



  1. Hey Daniel,

    It is because you Love Gaia that you also experience her anger and her pain at the way she is treated and the manner in which her animals and children are treated as well. Gaia doesn’t know why she is beaten, she only understands that the evil that men do lives on and on.

    I thoroughly enjoyed your reserved rant. Would love to read what you’d come up with if you really let go of the tether and truly said what you feel with venom ferocity and fire! 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend. Best wishes for the new week ahead.

    Love and Peace. Namaste 🙂


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      • My pleasure Daniel.

        Perhaps you might take a big step and find out how close you’d go to the ragged edge of the ragged edge to have a good old howl at the Moon 🙂 There’s no time like the present to do it, Gaia needs Warriors and noble Knights who fight with pen and mouse to protect her Beauty, Grace and her Honour.

        So will you serve the noble cause good Sir Knight and dare pen verse brave and bold?

        Namaste 🙂


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      • Here’s me, DN. Here’s what I’ve got to say:

        I’ve been playing dodo bird –
        My head buried in the sand –
        Time to put my nose in the wind
        And get the lay of the land

        I look to the cities, I look to the oceans,
        I look to the forests dwindling
        As you fill them with your poisons
        And use people like kindling

        It’s our world, our family you’re plundering,
        And we’re not going to have it, see!
        Now, you may be wondering:
        Who do I mean by ‘we’?

        Well we’re social workers and activists.
        We’re doctors and lawyers and such.
        We’re protesters and advocates.
        And we don’t like you too much.

        So have at you! Despoilers of our relations!
        Have at you! Masters of war!
        Have at you and your unjust machinations!
        Me and mine will show you what for!

        You feel us coming, don’t you?
        See the fire that’s in our eyes?
        We fly the true red white and blue
        And God is on our side!

        The march of the centuries is called progress.
        Humanity’s come a long way since the Dark Ages.
        You’re bound to lose. You can stick this feudalism up your egress
        Our victory’s as inevitable as accessible medicine and equitable wages.

        When I say masters of war, I’m not talking about the national defense.
        I’m talking about meddling blindly in dimly understood foreign affairs
        And throwing living, breathing babies out with the blasted rinse.
        I’m not a precious snowflake; I’m someone who cares.

        Like I say, you’re going to lose in the end.
        Like I say, it’s more than just me.
        You can say whatever you want to your racist friends;
        We know how it’s going to be.

        It’s going to get better for everyone
        Whether you like it or not.
        And while you’re crying ’cause you didn’t get away with it, son,
        We’ll be wiping your tears and snot.

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      • Namaste Dan 🙂

        Magnificent! You rise a true Knight of the Realm my friend 🙂 Good Sir Daniel of Florilegium it is a pleasure indeed to hear you roar! I can feel the sense of growing disquiet and contempt for the Establishment: your words are like a fuse eager for a spark, the feeling of imminent eruption almost palpable. And yet like every good noble Knight you have refined character and self-control to ease back on the throttle: perhaps only until the banner unfurls and the Berserker in you cuts loose and swings away with a battle-axe.

        I like what you right Dan. The depth of it, the passion supporting it. It’s honest, and I trust in the words you write and know them to be an accurate reflection of the way you feel. I do hope you will write more: a man’s anger at the world around him is a very powerful force that drives the lyrical Muse wild with need for blood and ink lol 🙂

        Great stuff. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful Sunday and a cracking week ahead.

        Love and Peace. Namaste 🙂


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